Sun Valley in the Summer

posted on: 9.22.2010

This August we took a little drive up to Sun Valley with my family. It's something both Wyatt and I grew up doing, and it's one of our favorite places! 
It was especially nice this time around with temps in the 70's. ahhhh.

These trips quickly turn into "all about the kids", which is just fine for me because it's so much fun to watch them play together. We just need some more boys in the mix, right Lucca?

The first day we did a 15 mile bike ride from Sun Valley to the neighboring town of Hailey (you know where Demi & Ashton live:). This is by far my favorite thing to do here. There are paved bike paths everywhere! We rode around lakes, over bridges, through the woods, past gold courses... it was gorgeous!

Stopping in Hailey for a much needed bum break, and some grub.

my husband is pretty darn hot, wouldn't you say?

The deck.
Pretty much the coolest part about this trip for the kids. I think they spent about 80% of their time up here riding bikes and eating sweets.

If you know my family well, you know we're a game family. I think this night will go down in history as the funnest game night we've ever seen. Check out the three stooges, Amber, Ryan, and Heather, and their ridiculous game faces. At one point Ryan even had to flee the scene and take a breather on the deck because he was laughing so hard:)

Paddle Boats... a must, again, for the kids

Thanks family! That was a blast!


  1. Bri and I were just talking about Sun Valley and how we need to get there next Summer. I've only been once and LOVED it. Looks like you guys had such a fun time. You are looking as stunning as ever and I'm counting down the days to your return. Miss you.

  2. OMG I'm laughing just thinking about game night. I wish we'd written down Amber's family night EVER!!!

  3. so fun to see pics of this trip! that second picture of you and wy is my favorite!! love it, frame it! you guys are pretty great.

  4. Here's one for ya- calling your dad "Chesta Cheata" multiple times for trying to look at my dominoes. Pretty sure he wanted to smack me!

  5. Amber- LOL!!! That was freakin hilarious. HILARIOUS.

  6. Oh Chels that trip looks amazing!! Wish I could have been there for game night:) Hope all is well, and hope to see you soon!

  7. this looks like so much fun. and you guys are the most stylish little family.

    i have been talking with steve about taking a trip to the north west... i soooo badly want to go, and now even more... i've never even been to idaho!

  8. I'm glad you have a record of that game night!! I just wish we had it on video! And reading the comments has been just as fun...thanks Amber for the refresher on your hilarious comments!!


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