Silver Lake

posted on: 9.27.2010

(Wyatt showing Tate how to walk like a penguin:)
By far our most favorite thing we did this summer while visiting Utah was spending the night up at Brighton. Silver Lake is beyond stunning that time of year. It just completely refreshed me, and made me  wonder how I'd gone this long not taking advantage of it's proximity all summer long. I'll never make that mistake again.

We took a slow walk around the lake, watched the ducks, the men fishing, and the sun go down.

Beautiful Utah mountains. 
I'm homesick just looking at this. This time of year all the leaves should be changing and I'm sure it's equally as beautiful. I wish I could go there tomorrow:)

happy, adorable child:)

Tate and Wyatt enjoyed jumping on the rocks, and Tate could not get over how fun it was to shout "one, two, three, BLASTOFF!", as she flew to the ground off some pretty big rocks!
She had us, and every passerby laughing.
I love how happy and adventurous she is!

Just the three of us... leaving the lake & walking back to the cabin

Ending the night perfectly... a little s'more action in the cabin, followed by hot tubs, and a movie by the fire!


  1. we just went there over the weekend and yes, the colors have changed. it might make you a little more homesick to see because it's amazing! hmmm, maybe we should overnight it next time, the mallows in a cottage look like the icing!

  2. Oh how I love your darling family of three. I really feel sort of heartsick reading this. I miss you and wish you were here to enjoy fall. We had a little eyebrow waxing/tinting party at Stacy Moss' house tonight and I think I brought you (and your beauty) up at least three times. Just saying.


  3. p.s. heartsick because I miss my friend - not heartsick for your perfectly dreamy get away. Happy for that. :)

  4. Hey! That's where my dad took me when I got here. It's good for daughters of all ages.


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