School's out for the summer

posted on: 9.09.2010

I know school's not really "out" anymore, but remember how I'm remembering happier times... in order to get myself through this darn heat and endless canned food? ok.

Happy times it was. Wyatt came home for the last two weeks of our break in Utah and it was wonderful. Having two weeks with just him and Tate, with no school and no work has only happened one other time in our lives, and I so wish it happened more.

We didn't really do a whole lot of bumming around since our "must do in Utah" list was quite large. 80 percent of which consisted of food we just had to eat. Which, by the way, mission accomplished:)

We also went to the Zoo...

This picture says it all. Tate was elated to be with her daddy.

"thumbs up" means- this is really cool- for Tate.
There are a lot of thumbs going up around here.

We also squeezed in some swimming, because we certainly don't get enough of that here.

Next up for Happier Times is Sun Valley with the extended family, Secret Lake, and the Horsley residence!

After that I think I'll be back in reality again.


  1. Wow, Wyatt, how does it feel to be that adored?? That picture really does say it all!

  2. That first picture of Wyatt and Tate is priceless. So glad you had such a nice break together. I already feel like you've been gone forever.

    p.s. I did go to Rolfe. He was great.

  3. i can so relate to seeing our little ones so gleeful with their daddy's around. do you have another 8 months on dominica? my husband just started his 4th semester - so we have 8 months left... good luck to you all! it should go by fast now.

  4. I love the zoo. How cute is Tate and Wyatt.

  5. I'm so glad for this post!

    I miss you dearly!!

  6. sorry i'm so late in getting back to you on swim lessons! we take from Lisa Bolton. Her lessons are 45 minutes every weekday for six weeks. You can take for any amount you want. We took for 4 weeks. She charges $40 per week. We really liked her! She teaches about a half a mile away from my house, it's not her house. It's the Braiser's.

  7. Hey Chelsea!!

    Yes, 103 hours is correct and to be honest the residents and interns work more! They pretty much live at the hospital! In fact a PGY4 resident told my husband his average work week is 96 hours!!! 4 years into residency! But since my husband is also a student they cut him some SLACK {I don't call that slack- but whatever} :)

    About med school stinking... it pretty much stinks all the time :) 1 and 2 year are the worst as far as studying goes, but 3 and 4 year they work in clinic so sometimes the hours are great and other times horrible. Will you guys move back to the US after this year is over? Do you know where yet?

    I know you think the DR stinks at times but honestly we ended up in TX for the 4 years and it has been a huge adjustment for us- especially moving from seattle! I swear I am still homesick at times even more so now that we have a child. But it gets better with each year and before you know it, it will be over :)

  8. Ugh to canned food, especially with 'The Porcupine' back at home. Glad you liked the late night ramblings, love you!


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