Madewell for fall

posted on: 9.30.2010

I just got an email from Madewell saying they launched their new & first jewelry line. Excited, I browsed... and loved!
It's just the look I've been in the mood for lately, and actually quite reasonably priced.

I know they're the sister company to J. Crew, but has anyone worn the clothes? Do they fit the same?


  1. Just checked them out for the first time, where have i been? I just caught up on all things blog and I am glad you left your beautiful hair as is - too, too pretty to mess with. But that taters, now that's a hair do!

  2. i haven't, but the stuff is great. i need to change that.

    also- steve was reading through my kidney bean loaf comments and started laughing at this woman who tells her daughter that the meat is taco... i said "that's chelsea!!" hahaha. it was a funny little moment.


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