Happier Times... swimming lessons

posted on: 9.08.2010

On a happier note (sorry for that debbie downer post- just being real)... I had such a great time while visiting Utah this summer. Swimming lessons was at the top of our list, and Tate couldn't wait to resume her daily swimming routine.

I feel like a pro swim mom. It's all we do. I can pack a lunch, our swim bag, and be out the door in 5 minutes flat. It's quite amazing.

This session Tate perfected her "torpedo" swimming. It was her favorite move, and it made me so proud of her!

Tate and her swim buddy Audrey, waiting to jump into the freezing water. 
Apparently they weren't heating the pool this summer... even the kids are feeling the recession:)

scooping ice cream  (using her arms to swim)

The BIG achievement that was left to the last day was the Diving Board!

"the look of hesitation"

"stay focused, stay focused"

 the death grip... "ahhh, it's bouncy, it's bouncy"

Jumping in with the teacher isn't so bad though...

neither is being chucked off by my mom:)

Definitely a big highlight of our summer.


  1. Not sure if I have commented on here before but love your blog! You last post totally made me day! lol. Love your style :)

  2. welcome back to the caribbean! i've missed your posts. i'm sorry it's not so nice for you - a lot of the other moms complain here too about the same things you mentioned. at least you have that adorable happy little girl with you everyday and i think it's very very cool that she's such a capable swimmer. i wish were a dedicated swim mom like you.

  3. Aw...so cute!I wish we had the video of the first jump off the board..it was pricless! But the pictures are great! Is that child even capable of taking a bad picture?? So fun to see the photos...keep em coming!

  4. i love the picture of you chucking her off the board! so awesome.

  5. Sad that you've left us again!! But on a lighter note your little Tate is a doll, and quite the little swimmer. Come back soon:) But for the time being enjoy that beautiful weather.


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