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posted on: 9.28.2010

So... what do we think about me + short messy + blonde?

I'm loving the wavy texture, and I think my hair would do that. Also must have the ashy roots, so I don't look like a helmet head.

But, I have been growing my hair out for a year now. And I rarely have long hair. There's also the fact that I've never been blonde, my husband is attracted to brunettes... and it could be a total disaster?

Or it could look good, real good, and then how fun would that be!

(later that night)
**okay, so I just tried one of those "try on celebrity hairstyles" sites... and oh MAN! I look ridiculous, hideous in fact, with light hair. I think I just dodged a bullet on that one, but thanks for all your positive encouragement:)**

I will be staying brunette.


  1. i love the idea- but im all about changing it up.
    however, i have regretted short haircuts before and sorta wanted to cry knowing it would be forever until it grew out again. but i still say do it.

  2. the wonderful thing about having a GORGEOUS, FLAWLESS face is that you can pull off ANYTHING. seriously, chels- you could shave your head.

    but yes, i think this cut rocks & i think you would rock it.

    i say do it. if you don't like it just get pregnant & it will be grown out in like 5 minutes. xoxo!

  3. So funny that you picked that picture as your muse! I saw her on Regis and Kelly and totally lusted for her look! However, once I regained my sanity and realized that my excess years and lack of hair might not translate that well, I immediately thought of you! Even if you didn't go blonde, the cut I lOVE!!! And you could totally rock it!! I say, why not? Then I can live vicariously through you and we'll both be happy:)

  4. But mom, that's the thing... I don't want to be brunette and short again. I've done that already so much. It's either long, lustrous and brunette, or short, choppy and blonde:)
    The cut has to come with the blonde! Can I pull off that light of hair?

    Mom... help?

  5. you could totally do it!

  6. oh my gosh do it! you can pull anything off with your bones and skin. ahhhh cannot wait to see it!


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