Swooning Over

posted on: 8.11.2010

This weekend at the arts festival I fell in love with artist, Lisa Telling Kattenbraker.
Although she does sell Giclee prints, the originals are actually batiked fabric. Amazing!
But what I love the very most, and what drew me to her, is that each piece has a name and tells a beautiful story. 
"Determined" is the one above

"She was always prepared for what she hoped was around the corner"

"Waiting for the party to begin"... 

I picked up this one for Tate's bedroom, and I'm already trying to decide which one I want next.

Aren't you in love?!


  1. These are totally cute! You have the best style and taste. So wish I had those gifts.

  2. I also fell madly in love with her stuff last weekend. Sadly, I did not get one, but I sure am glad that you did!!

  3. Oh my gosh. I am in love. Those are amazing.

  4. YES! I am!! Wouldn't one of those make the most AMAZING christmas gift(hint, hint!!!!)I'm just saying...

  5. I loved those too. There was some good stuff at the festival this year...

  6. Those pieces are beyond adorable!!


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