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posted on: 8.09.2010


We had a wonderful busy weekend. I can't believe I've lived in Salt Lake my whole life and I've never been to the Farmer's Market. boo to me.
It was such a good time.

I loved trying the good food (the best salsa), and admiring all the beautiful flowers... and people watching of course!

Tate thought the chicken coop was cool, and introduced them to her dog Max...

oh yes, Max came to the market with us!

Tate found a new hoodie she loved... and insisted on wearing it right then, despite it being 90 degrees.
And really, how could I pass up on that color on her?
(and i especially love when the photo gods align and i get a magic shot like this one without trying)

After the farmers market, a trip to Maverick for drinks, our old house/paint store, lunch at the park, and a nap... we were off to the Park City Arts Festival. Always a good time.

Every time I'm in Park City I'm reminded how much I love that scenery. I love being surrounded by the mountains, laid back style, and cool air. There were some really neat artists this year too I thought (more on that later:)
I couldn't help but really really miss Wy though. I always love going up there with him. I really miss you babe.

my parents weren't that bad of dates though:)

I already know my friend Taylor swam under a waterfall this weekend, and that my sister and her family were sailing through the Greek Isles... but what did you do?


  1. can't sleep so i always check out what you guys are up too...i love the Salt Lake farmers market! I really love all local farmers markets. There is an amazing one down in Newport Beach, Ca on Tuesday evenings we loved to go to! Then go for Sushi...aww I miss the US! We always go to the Park City Art Festival too. Sometimes it's great, other times, not so much! I miss the mountains! We loved eating up there at the restraunt and shopping! Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time at home! Can't wait to be back...8 more months and counting!

    Tate is amazingly adorable in her little sweatshirt with her matching eyes! Gina Moody used to give Tayler so much grief about wearing a sweatshirt here in the heat...Tay didn't care she is he own woman, and she owns it! Looks like Tate does too! I love that. We miss her in Nursery...just not the same!

  2. Now that's the type of market I want to go to.

  3. Sar... yes, quite a bit different from the portsmouth one:) haha. don't worry though, when we're in connecticut i bet there will be an awesome one!

  4. "When we're in Connecticut..." you girls and the pressure you love to put on us. The close up hoodie shot is a keeper.

  5. well, i should have been doing what you did over the weekend! how could you ever say "no" to a girl with eyes like hers?

  6. tates shoes, eyes, and hoodies=looovely. same with the last pic of the two of you!

  7. ummm...your child is stunning. honestly. can't get over her eyes. glad to see you are enjoying slc and some of the joys that mountain life has to offer.


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