Looking Forward

posted on: 8.19.2010

My man is coming home... TOMORROW!!
I cannot wait!

So don't blame me if I'm MIA this next week because he's also bringing our good friends the Jenkins with him.


My best friend Cassi is in town too!

It's almost too good to be true. All my favorite people, all in the same city!


  1. NOT FAIR!!!! We better have our Michigan Extravaganza! I miss you guys!

  2. mine is coming home too- WHOOT W
    HOOT for them! ah! I am sooooo happy- one more to go chels- you can do it! :)

  3. Hey Chels,I would love to go to dinner with you and Cass. Any night works for me. I just need to know sooner than later so I can get a babysitter...and later is better for me, maybe around 8:30? if you want to talk to Cass or I can let me know!

  4. Let the count down begin!

    Appreciate the shout out, but where's our picture?

  5. Hooray! So happy for you. (And so sad I missed this last week's events.) xoxo

  6. that is a handsome man you snatched there chels. i am so happy you get to spend some time with him!


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