Wyatt's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

posted on: 7.13.2010

Or just another day in Dominica?

It's rainy season in Dominica, meaning almost every day, at any given moment, with no notice, you will get drenched. This past week luck was definitely not on Wyatt's side, as this was the fourth time he had been caught in a monsoon with no umbrella.

His shirt was light gray and he doesn't wear gel in his hair. He's just completely SOAKED.
At least he had a good humor about it, I can't say I'd be smiling after the fourth time.
(or the first:)
I miss you Wy, I hope you're staying dry.

*ps- i just opened up my etsy shop for the summer... check it out here*


  1. Sigh. You would think we would all learn to just carry umbrellas. Alas, I'm not there yet.

  2. lets look at it in another way... would an umbrella really helped in that crazy monsoon?!

  3. As was mentioned above, it probably wouldn't have mattered if I had an umbrella or not. Last night was evidence of that. If the storm wants to win here, its going to win.

  4. handsome wy. guys are always much better sports about getting caught in a monsoon than girls! :)

  5. What a way to spend a day :(
    I got the etsy alert today. Hooray for you returning. I am going to order some tatertots for school starting!

  6. at least it's a warm rain horse:) Chels so glad you are here! and that we get to see you soon.


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