Scooters & Swimming

posted on: 7.22.2010

This gal is loving being back in Utah for many reasons (one of which is "the water here is sooo yummy, not like Dominica:)

A brand new scooter, just like Olivia the pig.
Swimming with cousins at aunt Julie's.

Other than our recent trip to Del Mar, this is basically what we've been up to.... 

Gotta love Utah summers!


  1. Gorgeous shots! Love those lil pink Converse - have been meaning to nab some red one's for the Baby Space toddler...Happy holidays :)

  2. cute scooter! i just read that post about you too as the featured mom and it was so darling! i think your life in dominica is so interesting and you, wy and taters are woots! loved it.

  3. I agree with Tate, one of the things I miss most about Utah is the delicious water right out of the tap. She is just as cute as ever!

  4. ah! glad you're having such a nice time there. also, i looove tate's shoes. i had a pair like that for lindsey when she was little... now i think she's too lazy for the whole get the foot in the semi-boot/lace them up deal. but man, they were awesome while they lasted.

  5. wow! beautiful pictures of your beautiful little girl! we have only been home once (just my son and i) since moving to st. maarten last august. when we were driving along the smooth roads of california, he kept saying, "weeeee!" so fun. it's great that our little ones will appreciate the small things when we return. and for us too, no? i think dominica is a lot more 3rd world than st. maarten. i can understand why you've been home 6 times. we can't afford to. we return next april to california (our home state) and will hopefully be doing clinicals at kern county hospital. where will you be going? and to your comment on my blog - we would SO be friends if you were here. i can imagine all the fun we would have together with our 3 year olds!


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