posted on: 7.17.2010

I'm here right now.... L'Auberge with Wyatt's family. It's beyond amazing and while I'm laying at the pool being served ice cold towels soaked in cucumber for my face, I'm pinching myself.

So far from Dominica, in every way.
But, I do miss Wyatt terribly. He would appreciate this amazing hotel.

See you soon!


  1. Sounds like we had similar days. I laid by the pool today, while it was raining. I had a window of time set aside to "relax", so I WASN'T going to move unless a hurricane blew through! Then I wiped sweat off my face with a towel, while I watched Caleb eat a dirty cucumber off the CAC floor. I had to pinch myself several times, to kill ants and mosquitos that were on my arm. Greetings from Dominica. All jokes aside, I'm happy for you. It looks luscious.

  2. wow. gorgeous. Can't wait to see you when you're back. xoxo

  3. p.s. laughed out loud at "c equals md"'s comment

  4. that sounds like pure heaven!!!

  5. OOh looks amazing, enjoy yourself:)

  6. Seriously... I'm going there! I'm so glad you are having an amazing, well deserved vacay. Sorry Wyatt that yours isn't exactly that. ;)


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