Pioneer Day

posted on: 7.29.2010

I was so thrilled to celebrate Pioneer Day. Since we were still in Dominica for the 4th of July, we missed all the fireworks, and I quite like fireworks. For those of you who don't live in Utah, Pioneer Day celebrates the pioneer's who traveled across America and settled in Utah. It's basically a day for the pool, a good bbq, and fireworks:)

At least that's what we did.

Since my parents don't have a pool (c'mon dad:), we busted out the old kiddie pool, turned down the hot tub, and turned on the sprinklers. Amber gave us all professional pedicures as we layed out, and it was so delightful.

The kids were stoked about making snow cones!

Later that night we cleaned up and headed over to the neighborhood carnival at Cottonwood Heights for some face painting and fireworks. 

It really wasn't cold at all, but Tate was convinced the fireworks were going to start at any and every moment, and she thought her hood would be a good cover so they weren't so loud:) 

So she walked around the entire night holding her hood.

My brother, Ryan- his wife and children Amber, Ella & Gracie

Tate got a "cool rhino" painted on her cheek. Of course she did.

My dad looks so happy, but really he was quite a debbie downer and didn't even stay for the fireworks. Dad, you missed the best show of your life... along with some crazy funny antics from Gracie!
(think stripper head whip & scream after each firework:)

I love days like these. This is what summer is all about!


  1. Good to see that papa could step in and do the shoulder ride in my absence. I appreciate that. Those are fun days. I'm sorry I missed it. Especially the cheeseburgers, and the little girls, and the cheeseburgers. Not the fireworks so much, but the family. And the cheeseburgers. Sorry its lunchtime.

  2. i LOVE the 2 of you and Tate- you both are GORGEOUS- what a fun day!

  3. Oh how fun. I just need to see that little Tate. Jason might be doing a guys night with some friends that are in town on Saturday?? Would you and Tate like to join us for a night out on the town? Dinner and a park maybe? You might have plans and it might not work out with the guys, but it is a thought??

  4. I was this close to going to cottonwood's show. Wouldve been fab to run into you!

  5. isn't that fish swimsuit the same one you posted in an adult size? perfect! it looks especially sweet on your little tate.

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