My style: all in one room

posted on: 7.14.2010

I saw on a blog (forgive me for not remembering), people summing their style up in one room. I thought that might be impossible for me, as it seems it's constantly changing. But then I couldn't get this bedroom, by Thom Felicia, out of my mind.
I fell hard in love when I first saw it months ago, and I still love it.
The perfect mix of masculine + feminine, and modern + classic.


  1. fun to see you at dinner! hope you have a wonderful stay. fabulous room.

  2. OH I LOVE IT! I want those walls and bed for sure! Get more stories for us ok!

  3. I like the room, but the painting is probably a little too funky for me. I kind of disagree about the nice masculine feminine mix. Definitely more feminine in my opinion. I guess I am a little more traditional than you. Just a little.


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