My Dominican Day

posted on: 7.19.2010

What does a day in Dominica look like for me?
 Here it is. 

Morning, bed & breakfast... looks like a beautiful day!

Grocery shopping

Warm eggs, warm Chelsea
My two home from school (the best part of my Dominican day)

Lunch time!

Walk to the pool, passing the shacks...

and other beautiful sights.

Swimming lessons

Snack break with friends! These kids have got it made, don't they?

Conked out

Me time... Tatertots & drink
Dishes (hurry before I add more from dinner)

Husband, takeout (yes!), hair cut

The End.


  1. Love your day in snaps - v interesting and that weather looks so inviting!

  2. That was fun reading about your interesting life in Dominica! Such a nice adventure for your family!

  3. Visiting you from bloesemkids mom story.. What a lovely family and gorgeous pics! And a super cutie Tate too. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family life with us all!

  4. LOVE it and we miss you also! xoxoxoxo :)


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