Missing Sparklers

posted on: 7.02.2010

(tate peddling her heart out in the neighborhood parade last year)

I tried skype calling my family last night, and when they didn't answer I remembered. 
They were at the Oakley Rodeo. Enjoying the kettle corn, small town humor, rodeo queens, and bull riding without us. 

This is the first year Tate has missed it, and I'm having a little pity party over it.

For this 4th of July weekend I'd rather be there.
or here
and of course here too.

So, for all of you who are lucky enough to be celebrating America's independence...

Happy 4th of july!
(do a sparkler for me:)


  1. Sad. It was out of sight, out of mind for me until now... thanks a lot. That picture of her on her bike with the sucker is really cute. On a positive note, I don't have to cut up fruit or go over to the church to set up tables and chairs. On an even more positive note, you look smokin' hot in that last picture in the red shirt. I better end this comment so I can go look at it again.

  2. are those saltwater sandals on miss tate's feet? adorbs.

    also, happy fourth. and yes, while youre not in the states, lets not forget that you're in ohhhhh just heaven on earth!!!! (but i totally get it.)

  3. i'm with you, chels. totally missing it and glad someone knows how i feel. :)

  4. i think they run true to size since they are a bit flowy. i love mine, it's a 100% super light cotton voile and great for summers. definitely get one. i was just talking to savanna about you- she said that you used to date matt cannon. how crazy how small the world is!!! happy fourth!!

  5. You both look gorgeous! Happy 4th from somewhere else that doesn't celebrate the 4th ;P Love that bike decoration!


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