Making me Happy Monday:

posted on: 7.05.2010

Six days until I am back in America. woo-hoo!!!!
In six days I'll have a car, good food at my fingertips, carpet under my toes, and friends & family all day.

Two fun movie nights with friends this past weekend. With no movie theatre down here, it's a luxury to see anything.

My little gal and her adorable friends. 

Also making me happy, is her choice to wear something other than her striped or star shirt. yes!

Wyatt's second test of the semester today. Meaning we are more than halfway done, with only 1 more semester to go. Go Wyatt!

This and this new-to-me blog.

The Domino archives revival, here.

Getting an email from my best friend, who I've happened to live away from since we conveniently married best friends 6 years ago. Ironic, right?

Plans this week to catch up on New Moon with friends, date night with Wy, and soak up the sun at Red Rock Beach... it's going to be a good one, I can feel it!

have a happy monday!


  1. Would love to see you when you're here. Do you have any open time to come over to the Stratford neighborhood and we could have a little play group?

  2. Thanks for the mention! Your daughter and pals are just adorable. Have fun back in the States :)

  3. I like the pics. She will be sad when these days are over-she really has found some great friends.

  4. I love tate's outfit. Pink, ruffles, flowers, the whole works!
    Counting the days till we see you!

  5. I cannot wait for our GNO! And just so you wants me to type in "efying" for my word verification bellow. How appropriate for me!


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