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posted on: 7.26.2010

Last week Tate and I were in Del Mar with the Horsley clan. It was beyond amazing, and the only thing making it less than complete perfection was the lack of Wyatt. Okay, and the fact that I got really sick the first day. Being sick on vacation, as the only parent, is not fun.

Please feel free to stop reading or looking after the 90th picture, as this post is going to be very picture heavy. It's partly due to wanting to show Wyatt, document for the Horsley family & me, and also just because I'm awful at editing and I tend to go waaay overboard on vacation.
Fair warning.

The hotel was absolutely stunning. Just from a design standpoint alone, I could not stop gawking. Not to mention the wonderful service and endless pampering. Wonderful!

We enjoyed plenty of breakfast's on this patio, and it may have been my most favorite spot in the whole place. It was just so nice to sit out there before it was too hot, and enjoy the morning sun.
I'm afraid if I lived in California (or rather just with a view of the ocean) I may become a morning person!
(Dominica doesn't count, since it's bloody hot at 6am:)

Now anyone who says Tate looks like me obviously hasn't met any of Wyatt's sisters. She is a spitting image of any and all of the Horsley girls.

Okay, so maybe the pool would win over the patio for my favorite spot. Can't beat it with ice cold cucumber  soaked towels for your face, right? I'm such a sucker for any form of pampering, and definitely put those cabana boys to good use.

The kids spent the majority, or all day, there most days!

baby Harrison

I love my niece Tess for so many reasons, this being one of them. Picture and pose all set up by her, of course.

Jumping into the pool was the highlight of this trip for Tate I think.
Being the youngest of the mobile cousins, she so badly wants them to know just how cool she really is.
They jump, she jumps. They swim underwater in the hot tub, she swims underwater in the hot tub.
She even said to me "Mom, I just does (doos) what David does because he is so cool".
David, will you please start wearing skirts and dresses?

Nate, my brother in law and his four + my one.

Will flying high!

Cute Nora & Tate... the only little girl who can make Tate look chubby:)

The only picture I could get of Cole- classic!

And of course when aunt Dru is around, you know there is going to be some dancing. Even better when it's at the pool:)

On the day I was sick, my sweet sister in law Dori offered to take Tate to Legoland- from what I heard they had a blast! That night I wanted to take it easy, so me and Tate had a little date night at the fancy hotel restaurant. We sat there together, me with my Wagyu Tri Tip & Tate with her spaghetti on a silver platter, and colored. It was fabulous. Even better was the red velvet cake we took "to go" and shared on the rooftop rocking chairs. Such a fun night with my Taters.

Is it obvious we live at the beach when Tate shows no interest in going down there on vacation?

All she wanted to go was sit on the bench and watch the waves, which was absoutely fine with me. The Del Mar beach is wonderful and I'll be honest, with every trip I take to California it just reconfirms my desire to live there. I just love to be able to see the ocean, feel the breeze, and really you can't beat that sunny 75 degree weather!

We did a wee bit of shopping... and eating out too

me and beautiful Dru

Dinner at Rhino in Coronado... delicious.

Lots of walks down to the beach (and yes, I did in fact wear this hat every day). It was the perfect "I haven't showered but I want to look beach chic" look. ha.

Tate loved it too:)

Thank you so so much Rolfe & Pat for taking us on this amazing trip! It was so so worth leaving Dominica for.

Wyatt... 2039?


  1. love the post! i'm trying to find the time to do one as well.....but frankly, looking at the pictures just depresses me. that trip was sent directly from heaven. can't wait to go back there one day. let's get together for lunch this week!! wednesday or thursday?

  2. Seeing that post makes me feel like I have been gone forever because all the kids look so much older. It hasn't even been that long. Anyway, the place looks ok. Nothing to write home about. A bit of a step down compared to most Dominican accommodations, but I'm sure you managed. That isn't like you to go for the hat, but I like the branching out. It looks fun and beachy. Very SoCal. I really am sorry you got sick. I wish we could go back to the Tommy Bahama there, that was a good meal. This is definitely the most random comment ever left on your blog. Aside from the lovely chinese fortune cookie comments.

  3. It looks straight out of heaven!!! I'm glad you had so much fun, and the 2039 part had me laughing out loud.

  4. we love the rhino...our condo is 5 seconds from there in coronado!! the shores next to the hotel del. i would have loved to run into you there. we are home now, but we were in coronado the first 2weeks of july. anyway, your trip looks amazing. my husband has stayed at that hotel you guys were at and says its amazing. how fun.

  5. that looks heavenly!! Love the pictures of you and Tate in your hats:)

  6. we're jealous. that looks like so so much fun!

  7. Tate really does look like her aunt! What a lovely beachy holiday :)

  8. you and your family are gorgeous. tate is the cutest and happiest little girl in the world! i love all her shots. she just exudes pure joy. we love california too and hope to settle back there when medical school is over - and for sure to live along the coast would be our ideal setting. and it's so true how different it is along the california coast with highs of 75 and nice crisp cool mornings and evenings. here in the caribbean - well - you know. we went to the beach at 5:30 p.m. today to beat the heat and it was still scorching.

  9. Truly the most dreamy trip!! It was also magical sharing a bed with you. Seriously though, so entertaining having you and Tate in our room. Can I tag along on your and Wyatt's 2039 trip (since I'll never be able to afford this hotel :)?

    p.s. I'm going to steal all of thse pictures for my post. You took some great ones.


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