Frank + Facials

posted on: 7.01.2010

What do the Real Housewives of Dominica do every Monday night?

Bachelorette baby.
Each girl had her favorites, mine is Frank followed by Chris L., but after Monday night I think more are feeling Frank's love potion. He better not have a girlfriend, or leave for his job or something shady like that (did you see the preview for next week?)

This week it was followed by at home facials and it was divine.
Thanks to Jen (far right) we all got beautified.

Jen, me, Tiffany, Nicole, Emily & Shantell
One of my favorite things down here is learning about everyone's backgrounds. This group is full of women, each from another state (Wisconsin, Utah, New York, South Dakota, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Boston), and each their own political and religious beliefs. But it doesn't matter here and that's been really refreshing. It's such an accepting, loving group of women. We are all eachother's family.

Traci, Shantell, Heidi, Meagan, Tiffany 

Tate has really become another housewife when it comes to Monday nights. I can't bear put her to bed when all the girls are over, because she so wants to be in on the action. So, she helps me put out treats and sits on my lap as we all hoot and holler, gossip and swoon over Ali's dates. After last night she told me that "girls nights" are so fun! Gosh, that girl is cute.

I'm dying to know- Who is your pick for Ali?


  1. I have would say my fave is Chris L. There is something very endearing about him. And I like that they are from the same place.

  2. Now that the sleazeball "Rated R" is gone, I really like all the guys!! My favorite changes week to week...Ali's a lucky girl! And by the way, tell Tate that I like to watch the Bachelorette with my umbrella too! You just never know:)

  3. you are such a cute little host! i love it!

    i love frank, too, but we both aren going to hate him after next week. i am 99% sure i know what is going to happen (too many spoiler sites) but i won't tell you unless you want to know!

    it's sad. :(

  4. love that you have a fun group of girls to watch it with! as you watch it you can invision pat, dori, the wiscomb girls, rhoda and i all watching it. can you believe that rhoda loves it too!? so hysterical. i do like frank. tyler has actually had several people tell him he reminds them of frank. i think it's the glasses. i'm personally in love with Chris L. if i wasn't married, i probably would have found my way to cape cod to stalk him.

  5. Oh there is just something about frank!! I am fascinated by him! I actually love Roberto and Chris too! I adore all 3! Jason's fav is Roberto because he thinks he is so smooth. I cannot wait for next week. I basically think frank is insecure and that is his issue. He cannot handle the pressure that is why he pulls this thing with Alli next week??? We shall see!

  6. My vote is allllll the way Roberto! He is uhmazing!

  7. We really should make a Housewives of Dominica show. I think it would be SOOO entertaining!!!

  8. Roberto hands down is the best!!!!!! if she doesn't choose him she is a fool!


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