Tiny Dancer

posted on: 6.10.2010

Tate has started taking dance again (remember her first time:). This class happened to be right after Lucy's princess party, so the girls were ready to go in their costumes. Tate took it quite serious, and was so focused on watching her teacher, my friend Nicole.

I took over 46 pictures. Stage mom, I know. But watching her try to keep her balance while turning her feet out, and her bum going straight out as she plied, was too cute.

"grand plie"

Plie in first position (her first, of hopefully many:)

Seriously though... the girls got some feet.
 I told her later how all her aunts would be so proud of this!

I adore my little tomboy, but I admit it was a blast seeing her love this whole dance thing.
I'm so proud of you Tate!


  1. OH MY POINT! That girl is destined to be en pointe. I hope she keeps it up.

  2. your pictures are amazing! and tate is quite the dancer, she's a natural. love her.

  3. She is too precious! I love the fluffy tu-tu. I danced from about Tate's age through college. It's where I met my best friends to this day and gave me confidence. I hope she sticks with it. Looks like she's already got all the right moves.

  4. i am proud! did she get those feet from you? darling.

  5. too cute!!! i love dance class...its just so fun!

  6. OMG, the one of her feet is a keeper. Such a great shot - perfectly captures the moment! Enlarge and frame in your new house.
    I'm waiting for the sun to come out to take photos of my living room...not enough light with all this damn rain.

  7. So...tutus are obviously cool, right? Those are the sweetest pictures!! And yes, she gets the toe point from her mom! Kind of makes up for the no ruffles, no dresses phase,no?

  8. Wow...love those feet! I am happy she is liking dance this time around. One day London and Tate will dance together again!

  9. So cute and fun! I can't wait to have a little girl so I can make tutus for her!



  10. Dude, those arches. I think they may rival yours in your prime chels! This gives me hope that one of these days mini will give up the T-Rex she takes to bed every night.

  11. she is so cute! I miss her! she looks so darling in that little outfit, and the picture of her feet pointing is priceless! Love you guys!

  12. Okay seriously, those feet. Before I even read the caption, I thought, "Oh my word- where did she get those arches?? Certainly not on the Horsley side." I would kill for those feet. That's awesome!


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