Swooning Over

posted on: 6.22.2010

i love this pillow. i know someone who really needs this for their new nursery.
found here

this photo. heck, everything in the shop.

a sweet, simple mobile. there's those clouds again.

these adorable stitched canvas's by Moxiedoll
although i don't necessarily love texas, just the idea (again, not of texas)... i don't mind texas though. in fact my sister in law lives there (dallas) and we had quite a lovely day in highland park and dinner eating at hattie's.
but, back to the canvas's, the paper doll one needs to be in someone's nursery. please.


  1. OK, am I just being an overeager grandparent or are you talking about new nurseries ALOT? If not you, then who???

  2. Okay, where to you find this stuff!!?!?!?! I'm seriously OBSESSED with everything!

  3. LOVE the dream big little one pillow. Too cute!

    xx Katie

  4. this post has made my heart melt. so much sweetness!

    xo Alison

  5. That pillow is so sweet!! Another item for my growing list of things to spoil our friends babies.

  6. Are you trying to tell us something??:) Such cute stuff, I am in love with that pillow. When are you coming home again? It's been too long!

  7. No Jen & mom... I'm not trying to tell you something:) I think I've made it clear I'd love to have another baby now, but it just won't work. I'm patiently dreaming about my next nursery:)

  8. That pillow is fabulous!



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