Swooning Over

posted on: 6.03.2010

This week I fell hard, real hard.
Completely in love with these delicate prints painted by etsy artist ashmae.

I've spent way too long on this site trying to figure out which ones to order.
I plan on ordering 3 or 5 and hanging them in pretty delicate gold frames.
Just as soon as I get a house again:)

I love some of the quirkier ones, like the hippo, flamingo and fox. Although the bird ones are just so pretty.
Which are your favorites?


  1. the hippo and fox is cute, but I think the birds steel the show!! love it!

  2. It's so nice to have a personal shopper to find all that's new and worthy of swooning:) But, you got your indecision from me, so until I've seen them all, I just couldn't choose! Beautiful!

  3. these remind me so much of my grandma's watercolor sketches. they make me smile. :)

  4. i love the old fashion bride and canadian goose. is it premature if i started buying things for our future nursery? i guess it's bad karma to start before we even start trying. i'll have to bookmark her store for when that time comes :)

  5. No Dru! I thought the same thing though, they would be adorable in a nursery!

  6. Okay, I love these! I may copy you and totally get some. (It won't matter...no one will ever see my house in Boise but you guys.) I think they are all fantastic...it just depends on what colors you want.

  7. Mini would love all of the bird pieces. You really do have an eye for some neato stuff Chels, because of that I've become a regular on your blog lately. Personal shopper indeed.

  8. The hippo is too cute! Very quirky indeed.

  9. I collect flamingos so you can guess what my vote is :)


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