Style: the Dominican way

posted on: 6.24.2010

I've wanted to document how the Dominican's dress and just their overall look for a while now. Believe it or not, it's taken me months to just get these 7 pictures.

Dominican's generally do not like getting their picture taken (women dislike it more than men).
One thing is for sure, they love their hair! Locks, bleached, braided, wrapped, or natural. I love how much pride they take in it.
It seems that is the most common way they express their style.

This guy was thrilled about getting his picture taken. He even let down his locks, and strategically placed that one over his nose. 

His friend, who really wanted to sell me some pot. 
His bleached hair and Dominican flag on his bike kill me. 

Not uncommon at all, are men and women walking down the street with bags on their head. Or buckets, or groceries, or baskets... or anything! This bag happened to be chuck full of mangoes.
Remember me telling you about Stanley Soup- the guy who so bluntly told us he was burned from his balls to his toes? Yup, that's him.
 Good old Stanley Soup.

This guy was really fun to talk to, very friendly and philosophical. We talked about God for a good 20 minutes. I loved his jewelry, all handmade by him.

Typical Teenage hard guy. He happily obliged when asked to be photographed... even struck a pose for me as all his friends hoot & hollered, and I blushed.

A cute old lady at the Saturday market. This is a very typical way an older woman would dress here. Most often they are in skirts or dresses, my kind of gals.
 Also at that market, was another extremely old lady walking around topless.
We politely declined to take her photo:)


  1. I just have one question...did you buy the pot?

  2. Good job Chels, I totally understand what an achievement it is to get all those pictures of people. The only thing you missed was someone with a striped shirt/plaid shorts combo. Totally acceptable here. If you get one let me know, I have been trying for months and always chicken out!

  3. the topless women at the market. priceless memories. this was super interesting. i so often forget that there are completely different cultures out there living this very day, doing things that seem so normal to them, but are completely bizarre to me. love it. you will LOVE looking back on these pictures. reminds me of my mission.

  4. Love this post and your little captioned made it even better! Hope you're having so much fun!

  5. so beautiful + interesting :)

    xo Alison

  6. first of all- I love the new blog format- second I LOVE LOVE the pics- and am amazed that you captured all of these folks- well done- I might just have to steal this post- because it was all so perfect.

  7. failed to post my juice man, (key word: my) he is an amazing part of dominican life!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


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