She is mine

posted on: 6.30.2010

Tonight, as we were eating ice cream, I asked Tate what she was most excited about doing when we get back to Utah?

"running errands" was her response.
 but even better, she followed up with...

"to target".

Oh, so am I taters, so am I.


  1. Oh how we love target too!

  2. just there yesterday.... that's something i can pretty much say once a week.

  3. I love a girl who has her priorities straight:) Can I come too??

  4. Dying at how funny she is. Truer words have never been spoken.

  5. so...if you happen to have a monitor on your blog of how many times i might have linked to it, you'd think i was a crazy stalker. i actually love to look at the links on your side bar and realized that i should probably just copy them to my own. hope that is okay. thanks for the great tips on fun sites out in the blogosphere. hope all is well with you and yours in paradise. perhapse we'll run in to eachother while you are out running errands.

  6. went there tonight! gotta love target!! I will run errands there anytime!


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