Raining in Roseau

posted on: 6.08.2010

We spent a rainy afternoon in Roseau last month. It's Dominica's capital, about an hour away from where we live. This is it for Dominica. This is where the hospital is, where the cruise ship docks, where the 3 grocery stores are, and where the stop signs are (still not a traffic light on the island). 

It's a quirky little town, and we had lots of fun exploring it.

We particularly loved this uber-bright apartment complex. We both agreed we'd love to live there, at La Flamboyant Hotel:)

Even better though, was the massive disaster of cables clumped together on the telephone pole outside. 
It's no wonder there are so many power outages here.

Tate had a ball making everyone who walked by the restaurant giggle as she posed with her toosh out.

Every once in a while we'd stumble across a gem, like these neat old shuttered doors. I love the wood work, and wish I could find some like this to take home with us.


  1. Your daughter looks so cute posing! And how fun does the little snackette shop look - how fun :)

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love your blog!

  3. beautiful pictures !
    a french reader :-)

  4. I love your photos! As a photographer I would love to have those as a backdrop!

    Also I feel like I am watching [technically reading]
    House Hunters International when I read your blog! ha ha.


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