Making me Happy Monday

posted on: 6.07.2010

This photo of Tate at her friends Princess Party. (love that lip purse)
It's the girliest she's looked in months... and I loved it.

Wyatt finishing his first major test as a second year med student.

A new book group, with amazing women.
 This semester's book, which is helping me put things into perspective.

An itinerary confirmation for our tickets to Utah.
5 weeks has never seemed so long!

Wonderful time last night spent with my 2 loves snuggling on the bed.
Which ended with Tate thoroughly examining both our faces and telling me
"your eyebrows are beautiful, did you paint them?"
"you kind of have a red nose"

but even better, was her telling Wyatt, as she ran her fingers through his mane,...

"now this is quite the story"
"your chin looks dirty, you have to take that hair off"


  1. She is such a cute little princess...
    "now this is quite the story" that is too funny. She is so you!!

  2. She is such a cutie! Oh and I just have to say I want to steal her clothes put them in a grow machine and wear them. She is such a little fashionista. I guess it may be more realistic for you to become my personal stylist. Please, please, please be my stylist!!!!!

  3. what a pretty little princess!!

  4. give me a break with her cuteness!

  5. tate never ceases to stop entertain. those comments about your face and wy's hair and dirty chin had me rolling. such a hoot!


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