Lately in Dominica

posted on: 6.16.2010

Life has been really good to us lately. Little rain, and lots of sun does wonders for the soul. Our days, as of late, have been spent very lazily at the pool and beach. 

I've learned the key for me down here is making good friends. My day is always happier and more optimistic when it's spent among great company. As it is a lot in life, right? My Monday night is spent at a bible study, followed by a Bachelorette viewing party at our house with friends (it's always great to follow up the Bible with some trashy tv, right?:). Regardless, it has quickly become one of the highlights of my week. I feel so lucky to have met so many new, wonderful and inspiring women.

Tate continues to dress only in cool clothes, loves school, recently said this
"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless this food, and please bless Jesus, I love him, and bless Santa to love me, because we are all friends... Amen"

and, is still attached to Avery at the hip.

Wyatt finished his first big test of the semester and feels good about inching closer to the end. He was "asked" (it's very official:) to join the school intramural football team, and has been reliving his high school glory days. They just won the big Kubuli Bowl game- pretty much the equivalent of the BCS championship:) I made the mistake of telling my friends that I had a track record of only dating football players (total coincidence I sware), so now I've been deemed the teams' cheerleader:) I'll admit, it is super fun to watch Wyatt play and trash talk the other teams.

We continue to be attacked by creatures that should not be living on someone's front porch, or window. Lizard's and GIANT crabs seem to be loving ours lately.
What sounded like dogs scratching at our front door the other night was in fact just seven, yes 7, of those GIANT crabs I mentioned earlier. We were both freaking out, I'll be honest.
(and we've got it all on video... for another time:)

That's lately in Dominica!


  1. i'm dying! these pics are so cute. there is nothing more that i wish for than owen to find a best bud.he has yet to do that. there is nthing better than a childhood best friend.

  2. "Asked" to join the team might be a stretch. I think it was more of a "the teams were picked and there's one kid still on the sideline so someone was nice enough to ask him if he wanted to play" kind of a thing. I have to back you on the crab story though- you are prone to hyperbole at times, but the crab story is no exaggeration. It was like a scene out of a corny 1950's horror film "Attack of the Killer Crabs" or something. They were everywhere. Nice little synopsis babe.

  3. So weird. We've been having crab issues, too. I just haven't gotten around to blogging about mine yet. Why, oh why, do they want to come inside?

  4. The perfect post...a little fun in the sun,some scripture, trash TV, hot guys playing football, Santa and Jesus and lots of pics!! Keep em coming! And get us a picture of those crabs!!

  5. Wish I could blog like you! - Kris

  6. Chels,
    Crabs and all, this sounds like the dreamiest time in life. You look incredible and Tate is a total doll. My main man would love to relive the glory days though. Tell Mr. MD to live it up, even if he is the last pick -which I highly doubt anyway.

  7. I LOVE this post! :) everything is so fun- :)

  8. Nice pictures of Wyatt in action. deep water is the second best player on the team in my book. I can't believe that lizard on the window, wow. Avery's so lucky to have a friend like Tate, someone to put up with her shenanigans!

  9. It looks like you are having such a fun summer. So glad that Horse is getting to relive his high school days, and little Tate is too cute. I can't wait to see the crab video...I think you should spear them and cook them up for your next bible study/bachelorette party:) Miss ya

  10. Just stumbled across your blog! Been stalking, I love reading about ppl who are making a life outside of the US. I'm living in England now. Tate is so cute!

  11. at least they're thooose kind of crabs...

    oh i am so dirty! even at 8 am on thursday morning! this was the cutest. so nice to be abroad AND have good friends. and that tate is adorable!

  12. I love this post! 1. The new pictures of Tate are adorable, especially chasing the ball and floating on her back in the pool with Avery. 2. Someone got a table and umbrella for the pool! Deluxe! 3. I also had a "moment" reliving Wyatt's high school glory days looking at the football pictures -- so much fun to see!

    Also, Eve is here from Atlanta and we are making the brownies now.

  13. So fun to hear about your life on the island. I'm so glad that you have made good friends. What great memories you'll have for the rest of your life! Oh and I hope that there are brownies left over at Pat's when I go there tomorrow morning. Can't wait to try them!


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