How are you feeling today?

posted on: 6.18.2010

Remember these emotion boards?

 While killing time at the airport in April, Tate showed me her own interpretation of these emotions. Here we were having our layover lunch, her on the verge, me (despite my best efforts) playing the frazzled mommy role to perfection.
This was all I had left in my bag of tricks. She'd already gone through the 40 toys and games I brought for the flight. So, I played director and she acted... quite creatively I thought.
You should have seen the tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. It was great (and we got weird looks:).

So... how are you feeling today?

I'm not really mad. I just can't get enough of her mad face.

Hopefully, since it's Friday, you're happy, or excited!


  1. Oh that little scrunched up nose is so cute! I'm tempted to make her mad just to see that face! And have you found cocoa here? Where?

  2. HAPPY! because this is such a cute post- love it :)

  3. great post, darlin'! You are a fab director, and your leading lady is oh-so-cute.

  4. I need more of her in my life. This makes me so happy.

  5. what a brilliant idea.

  6. haha that's great! You should frame it lol



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