A girl can dream

posted on: 6.11.2010

This is our home in Utah. We don't live there now (sniffle), but it's still ours.
We have the best renters in the entire world. They care about our home and love it as we would. They recently built a fence in our backyard to help it feel more private. I know, I said they were the best.

Getting the new fence got me thinking though... what if we still lived there? What would it look like now? I have a bad habit of constantly wanting to change things around. Although I'm usually always drawn to the same colors.
It's probably a bad idea, to dream about something I can't have, but I do.

 Thanks to Olioboard, my new addiction, I can make up my own dream room with furniture and accessories from anywhere on the web. This site is SO fun!

If we lived in Utah, and if we lived in this house still (and maybe if we made a lot of money:) this is what I would change...



Wouldn't these new things look amazing in the space? Although I know by the time we'd be able to afford a space this chic, we won't fit into that tiny bungalow anymore... it's fun to imagine!

Stay tuned for more "mood boards" of my kitchen, bedroom, and Tate's bedroom
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  1. i love that house...its so darling!

  2. blast you chels! i was on my way to work out and then i got trapped into this fab website! ahhhhh!!! now i am even more depressed i do not have a home of my own ):

  3. I totally dig the Rhino. Kinda want it in Milo's room, like, today! As for your old stuff when you upgrade...I'll happily take it off your hands:)

  4. Thanks for the inspiration board!! We have that EXACT petrie sofa in coco color and I have been dying to figure out pillows and a coffee table. I have been leaning towards a lucite one but a white would look really good :)

  5. I just saw this site yesterday, and can't wait to get into it! I just hope I can figure out how to do it:) LOVE, LOVE,Love everything about your dream look!

  6. oh shoooooot i could spend way too much time at that new site.

    haha- but seriously, such a cute house! will you ever go back to UT?

  7. darling. some of those things look strangely familiar. One things for sure, you have fabulous taste!

  8. Oooh I'm so excited to go to the site... thank ya!

    I love your house! You don't need to do any changing. Just come use all your fabulous ideas at... MY HOUSE! ;)

    p.s. Tate's ballerina pictures... dying over them they are so cute!

  9. We miss you in that house! I love what you've done with it. :) Hope all is well, I love keeping up on your blog!

  10. Wow, what a cool website. This could really come in handy for decorating our new house. Except we too have no money right now. You can always dream right. I think your house is adorable to start with. But I love the stuff you picked out. Hope things are going well for you guys. Hang in there.

  11. What a fun website. I really need to use it to decorate my new house. I have no creativity on my own. Unfortunately like you we are living the student life and have no money. But we can always dream. I love your cute house. That's great you were able to rent in out while you're gone. I think it looked great before. But you did pick out some really cute and fun things. Hang in there it goes by fast.

  12. oh, yes! that rug and rhino and wallpaper and pendant light... perfect inspiration! (and that's the greatest home.)


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