For Daddy, love Tate

posted on: 6.20.2010

An interview with Tate about her daddy.

me: it's fathers day tate, did you know that?

tate: uh, huh

me: what do you think fathers day is for?

tate: daddy, to bring him some presents

me: what do you think daddy should get for his present on fathers day?

tate: a water gun and a water can- that's it

me: what is your favorite game to play with daddy?

tate: my hippos

me: what is daddy's favorite food?

tate: pancakes

me: what is your favorite "cool" outfit of daddy's?

tate: his plain blue one (shirt)

me: what does daddy do that's really funny?

tate: "this is my blankie" game:)

me: what is your favorite thing about daddy?

tate: he takes me to school, he loves me sooooo much

me: what does daddy do to make you happy?

tate: footprints make him happy, when he throws me up in da air, that makes me happy

me: does daddy do anything that makes you sad?

tate: nuhsing (nothing)

me: what is the best thing about having a daddy?

tate: you get to go to school with him

me: what do you want to say to daddy on father's day?

tate: goodbye, and he loves you.

Wy, thanks for being the most present daddy I know, and for making our little girl smile and look upon you with awe every single day.

We both adore you, and feel so lucky.


  1. OMG -- you had me on the first photo. So sweet. Happy Father's Day Wy - your ladies sure adore you!

  2. Very sweet babe, I've watched it several times. Funny how even when you are making a tribute to me, it just ends up making you look more charming and thoughtful. Thanks for sticking with me, love you both more than you know.

  3. Seriously the cutest. Ever. Wy is such a sweet, fun dad! And he's lucky to have you gorgeous ladies in his life.

  4. sweetest video ever chels. wow, i can't believe all the fun pictures you have of them together. happy father's day wyatt. now i need to make one for bryce, what a great idea!

  5. this made me cry. i miss your cute family! happy father's day wy - you are such a neat guy (sorry i didn't mean for that to rhyme)!

  6. oh and by the way - matt just says from the kitchen - "i love wyatt, i miss that guy". please move to dallas.

  7. so you figured out the video thing! good job chels. happy father's day wyatt!

  8. I have watched this over and over and I love it. Impressive that you could make it, and Wyatt, way to be a great dad and provide so much material to work with!

  9. OK, I can only watch this in the privacy of my own home, because every time I do, I start crying! Wyatt, way to be such an inspiration to the ladies in your life, and Chels...NICE JOB!! SO,so sweet!

  10. Wyatt- you are the cutest little dad I know. Matt and I often talk about how you have it down perfectly with Tate. Love this video. Seriously, move home already!

  11. i'm sitting here at work with tears running down my face as i watch this. words cannot express how precious a father/daughter relationship is. you are a darling wife as always and are very deserving of such a wonderful family! love you all!

  12. oh wow that is so cute- made me cry! what a beautiful fam you have I love seeing the pics:)

  13. This is soooooo cute - I love your family! It makes me so excited to start one myself!


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