posted on: 6.25.2010

106 is the new number. I've taken my blog subscriptions from 183 to 106. Thanks for all your advice. I feel clean. Purged.

Today I slept in until almost 11. It's really getting bad, this whole "I don't have much to do in the morning" thing. Sleeping in is great (in fact I'm a major fan), but maybe only once or twice a week. Five times a week will make you feel like a total loser and maybe give you a bit of depression. Snap out of it Chelsea!

I haven't blown my hair dry, worn anything but stretchy cotton, or a pair of heels in 8 weeks. I'm really looking forward to joining the real world again in a couple weeks. 2 to be exact:)

Today at the grocery store I let a man go in front of me who only had a couple things. He was a total jerk, never said thank you, and tried to lecture me on sin the whole time. Um, wasn't I just the one who let you go in front of me?? I told him next time he wants to butt in front of a mom, he should show her more courtesy. I think he cursed me on his way out.

I really really miss my friends back home. Cassi, especially you darling.

I don't even know if I should type this, for fear of jinxing it, but... 4 times this week Tate wore shirts with flowers and ruffles on them. Her striped and plaid apparel were dirty, and she didn't seem to care one bit. My jaw literally dropped to the ground when she didn't put up a fight and just said "yeah, this is cool too" to her ruffled shirt... but then I quickly re-gained my cool, as to not tip her off. 4 days and counting. YES! (I still don't feel she's ready to accept the dress, we'll wait on that one:)

A friend of mine was having a talk with her son about private parts. He was acting scared of someone at his school. She asked if anyone at his school has ever touched him in his private areas. His reply... "yes, Tate and Avery do when we play doctor". What?! I asked Tate to show me how she plays doctor and sure enough....  Looks like I'll be having a rather serious discussion with Tate tonight about just how private private parts are. I know it's all innocent play to them, but any advice?

I changed the look of my blog. Do you like it- honest? I can't decide if it's too busy. Although, I don't think I can go back now, my old template isn't even an option anymore in blogger- weird.

Oh, and me and Tate got into a pudding fight a couple nights ago. It was great fun.

have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the new template, it's just perfect; simple and perfect. I cannot wait to blow my hair dry and wear cute shoes too. And I'm so sorry about that dumb guy you were nice to, I hate experiences like that.

  2. i love the new template- was it one where you had to mess with the html or was it just an already done one? i have wanted three columns for awhile. i might copy you.

    also. the birds and the bees, oh yes. i told the kids all the real names for things (but vajayjay is so much more fun to say!) and that if they were curious they needed to save it for the bathroom... now for touching others... we haven't crossed that bridge yet (that i know of!)

  3. New blog is darling -- really like the wallpaper. Let me know what you end up saying to Tate...I'll need it soon also. Sorry I keep missing you...I want to catch up. Love you. xoxo

  4. Chelsea I have to finally say hi, since you are doing confessions I figured I might as well confess that I love looking at your blog. I went to Skyline and am friends with Annie, Melanie, Rachel all those girls that all have you on their blog. So I hope you don't find this big time creepy! I love looking at your ideas and especially your style, oh girl you have a knack for anything decorating! Anyways just wanted to say hi.

    Ashlee Eskelson Schaar

  5. Love the new blog! And I loved the "playing doctor" story. CLASSIC! And I could not be more excited for these 2 weeks to come. I hear Edward has been hitting the gym. Maybe we will see some chiseled abs.

  6. You are such a good mom to have pudding fights and not force dresses on little one :)


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