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posted on: 6.23.2010

Every morning as I scroll through my google reader (usually while eating my yogurt & granola), I think to myself how the number of blogs I love to read is only growing.
At least once a week I find a new blog that inspires me, and hooks me to become a follower.
Right now I subscribe to 138 blogs. One hundred and thirty eight. That's a lot of content to stay up on, and although I absolutely love reading blogs, I really do, I wonder if it's becoming too much? It's almost like I have inspiration overload... is that possible? I see so many ideas, so many beautiful things, so much inspiration and I just drift off into la-la land. Before I know it, it's been 2 hours, and I've bookmarked 20 new things I want to see more of, read more about, make, try or buy.

So, I'd like to know... how do you manage your blogs? How do you decide which to read, and which to pass? I guess I should have titled this "blog intervention" or something like that.
Hi, I'm Chelsea, and I have a blog reading addiction.


  1. This is my same addiction! i am always reading something and it is definetly pushing into my priorities ;0) happy reading!

  2. Hi I'm Angela and I stopped counting at 368. OOPS!

    I have mine filed in different folders in Google Reader: Photographers, Ideas, RL Friends, Blog Buddies, Scraps, Sewing, Fashion...

    I skip "Ideas" most.. and always read my Real Life Friends first. It's easier to have the folders for different sections because if I don't want to look at wedding photos today... I click "mark all as read" for photographers!

    Good luck! Maybe we should start a blogring for blog followers anonymous. :P ahahahhaha

  3. Ummmmm, I just blogged about the length of my reader as well! I don't think I'm up to the 100's yet though, but awfully close. I don't have any great organization tips but I do really like AngelaBeth's....thanks!

  4. i am so old school! i just bookmark blogs on my google chrome, organizing them by folder: "photo love", "words + inspiration", "design", "new", etc.

    and when it comes to what to read and what to pass, it really just comes down to what catches my eye + inspires me. i also like blogs that make me laugh + have original content.


    xo Alison

  5. I have this very addiction but i don't use google reader.. i am a little confused by it? Is that bad? I really really want to use it so i can bookmark my favorites instead of saving them on my computer to just overload it.

    I have a list of probably the same amount on my blog itself and it makes it look so messy so i would love any tips!

    I have this thing for the inspirational blogs... ones with ideas and diy and ones with pretty pictures.

  6. oh my, that is a TON of subscriptions! i don't use google reader (crazy, i know) and only read the blogs of family & friends plus a handful of others. i just don't have time for all of the other great ones out there & i get tired of blogs that just point you to things they've seen on other blogs all the time and never have anything original (you know what i'm talking about). i'm more interested in blogs like yours where i get to read stories and see pictures of people i love.

  7. a hundred and thirty-what? exqueeze me? that is pure insanity! I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem though right?

  8. Hey Chelsea, this is your long lost family friend Taysia! I have a serious problem with blog stalking too! I love reading your blog and seeing all your cool pictures! I hope all is well with you and your family! I just went private on my blog, but e mail me your email and I will add you if you would like to add one more blog to your list! :)

  9. Blogs are modern, inspirational, updated-daily magazines that have free subscriptions and take up zero room in the recycling bin. Why not take advantage of them if you have the free time? I'm only up to 82, which is mostly family and friends, but I love to click around once in a while when I have some extra minutes. There is an abundance of talent in the world!

    and, I do miss those cool summer nights up the canyon...especially with my current 90+90% humidity nights!!

  10. your new design is so great, Chelsea. and your blog is one of my favorites.

    I have the same problem (173) but I also have no problem "marking as read" regularly. I only give myself maybe 30 minutes of quick blog browsing and kind of like cleaning out the blogs that I know I'm not spending time on-- giving me the freedom to add new ones occasionally.

    I also categorize and I'm usually drawn to certain categories. Family, friends, lifestyle and creative are always my go-tos. Wedding/style and parenting are usually skipped.. but they're there in case I'm searching for specific inspiration.

    And I sometimes cheat: I quickly (quickly) scroll through blog posts in reader and don't even stop to really look at them unless I'm immediately drawn in. Sometimes I bookmark those specific posts to go back and read later. Then, when I do have the time to stop and read, I'm reading ones I'm excited about.

    What did you come up with?


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