Too Hot To Handle

posted on: 5.22.2010

Aren't I?

Just in case you were bummed about not being in warm weather right now.
Be thankful you don't look like this
This was me after just a short 5 min. walk from campus to our house.
Today was 95 degrees and 90% humidity.
Just go ahead and call me sweaty betty from now on.

(and go ahead and enlarge it, just so we're clear:)


  1. you are beautiful. i think our eyes are the exact same color.

    bet wyatt thinks this is so hot.

  2. And yet somehow you manage to look stunning in that picture! It's just a little glow right?

  3. Whoa... you two are WAY too nice. Stunning, no. Hot, no. A disaster- yes.

  4. in LOVE with this post- it's just too true- I think you need to have a special "sweat rag post"- you are the only I know who has a stylish sweat rag by the way...

  5. Dear Ms. Betty,

    If I looked like you when I was a hot mess... I would be kissing myself b/c I looked so good! No more posting pics of you like this. You just make us even more jealous!

    Miss you 'porcelain doll'


  6. it's almost as hot as 110 with 110% humidity. i'm a freaking angry beast right now. and it's only getting worse. but your skin thanks you. xx

  7. kera wins. i would kill myself. how would you ever want to leave the house?

  8. I am one that is wanting hot weather soo bad!! But, that looks pretty hot! That humidity is killer. You do look "hot" though. :)

  9. Oh Chels, I mean sweaty betty. You crack me up! At least you are a hot sweaty betty!

  10. and I do not mean "hot" as in temperature!

  11. I will call you pretty.

    (but sorry for the heat! Dreadful!)

  12. The heat looks pretty miserable. But if it makes you feel any better, we woke up to snow this morning. May 24th. Seriously? There is about an inch on the ground. The storm snapped off one of the young trees in our yard, which is pretty irritating considering we are trying to sell our house and keep everything beautiful. What is up with the weather??


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