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posted on: 5.26.2010

The Misha Lulu summer line has got to be my favorite yet. I can never not purchase something from her collection each season. I'm such a sucker for bright primary colors on kids, and this season also has an island feel which I'm digging. I'm wishing, hoping, that just maybe Tate would wear that sea creature dress? It's a long shot, I know, but it does have stripes? I'd settle for that octopus tank too.
found here

These simple and pretty ecochic ballet flats from etsy seller, The Generation.
Seen on Decor 8

This family of adorable reused wooden spoons! I can't think of anything cheerier for the kitchen, can you?
found here

Since I'm already married, this is a bit pointless. But, if I could have another cake, I think this one would be perfect. I love the design and the colors so much, and how cool is it perched upon that log? (Brooke- log this for the future:)
Seen here


  1. in LOVE with those shoes. how would you ever decide which ones to get? oh and all the other things are fabulous too - i think you should go for the sea creatures dress - you're a good salesman. good work chels, once again :)

  2. seriously those shoes are to die for. i think every member of the horsley family may be wearing them in cali. we should do a family foot picture! and those wooden spoons? in love!

  3. I love that you have time to give me so many great ideas! ;) I, like Dru, am in love with those flats. Which means... I should probably get some and join you all in Cali. Great. Sounds swell. ha ha

    Give Tate a big hug for me! I was looking thru my pics and her and Tae came on my screen... gosh they are cute! Speaking of Taedon, he LOVES Olivia! I know it was for Roe, but he can't get enough of it either. :) Thank you again! Muah!

  4. Love Misha Lulu! My all time fave girls clothing line.

  5. that cake is beautimus! You always have such good posts!


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