Our day off looked like this...

posted on: 5.27.2010

The boys had a day off, so naturally we spent it at the beach with the Jenkins
What we didn't know was that we'd also be spending it with the rain!

It was a good thing Sarah and Jess brought their giant umbrellas, and luckily it only lasted a bit.
A day off in the rain, is still better than no day off at all- wouldn't you say?
Plus we had smores, and that makes everything better.

Wyatt just embraced the drops (and I think this picture is incredibly sexy:)

black sand bums:)

We are so grateful for all our wonderful friends we've made on the island, we honestly could not do this without them!


  1. brrrrr...it looks cold! cute pics, though and yes, hooray for friends!

  2. oh jess- i WISH it were cold. i think we were all wet from the rain, and from sweat! even when it does rain, it's still over 90!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love the black sand bums more so much. Adorable.

  4. I love every pic- looks like tons of fun!

  5. we could switch houses for a week? i want the beach. you want a rio salad. i live right by a rio in the heart of a "big" city. and it snowed last week.

    let's do it.

    and sorry i forgot to respond to your question about the tiled pillows. my brain is mush.

    they are my friend mckenzie's and she got them from ikea. i love them too. trés chic.

  6. Chels - just so Miyoko knows, you are very necessary to me. And yes, as husband stealer as this sounds, {which I never would or could because I'm not like that and you're drop dead} Wyatt does look very manly in that picture. It all looks like so much fun. I would trade the big city for your little paradise in a heartbeat.

  7. I am so glad you take such great photos! We love to hang out with the Horselys.


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