making me (not) happy monday

posted on: 5.17.2010

 With out going into a total pity party, this past week has stunk.
It has rained 10/10 days. Rain, rain, rain. It's really starting to tick me off.
I know I'm being dramatic, but it's hard to make a happy list when all I can think about is how I wish this darn rain would stop. 
There is one thing that's making me (and Tate) really happy though...

reuniting with our friends Avery and Sarah who just returned from America!
This was the only time I thought the rain was fun:)

They have such a sweet friendship!

Let's hope this week is better... drier.


  1. i really HATE to tell you this- but if it is anything like last year- this whole semester will be a repeat of last week- sorry... BUT let's play at the pool anyways and not let it get us down! :) cutest little girls- i love their sweet friendship!

  2. lame rain! the weather here hasn't been much better. we had a nice weekend but it's going to be rainy again a lot of the week. sick of it! cute pictures though! how awful one day when she is not living by this darling friend!

  3. Love that Tate! She is so cute. Miss you guys!

  4. those are some cute girls!!

  5. if only i could look as cute in a swimsuit as your cuties!!


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