I want this because...

posted on: 5.25.2010

a) it will get me from a to b much quicker
b) it will get me from a to b with less sweat dripping on my face
c) tate will think i'm the coolest mom ever, therefor making her even cooler
d) all my dominican friends will be jealous of my sweet ride
e) all of the above

If you answered anything but e, you're wrong.
Okay, so I laughed out loud when I saw this- really? Then I thought about how practical it might be here going from our house to the pool/beach every day. Hmmm.

But then I thought about how I would surely look like a total geek, and how maybe all my friends would be laughing at me. But, still... maybe?

(and please tell me you saw this video?... i'm still laughing:)


  1. have you seen the "taga" bike combo? pretty sweet!

  2. this thing is freaking awesome! do they make a double stroller?? send me the link!!

  3. that stroller is ridiculous!!! how fun. :) you could re-sell it here to a local for millions!

    the video is awesome. how could they keep straight faces while making that?!

  4. Is that stroller for real? My baby would be in serious harm with my coordination.

    Ok, that video is hilarious. Ryan and I have loved that couple from day one! We have a so many inside jokes from their commercials.
    *We made a pack when we got married that we would never buy a mini van. We have stayed strong after 9 years and 4 kids.

  5. thanks for the great laugh this morning: the psycho stroller with pumped up traction wheels & don't get me started on the swagger wagon.

  6. omg i love this!!!!!! very clever and well... fun!!! cute blog!


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