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posted on: 5.12.2010

If I cared more about my fashion down here, which I probably should, this ensemble would be what I'd be sporting around. 

Gauzy tribal shirt. check
Flowy linen shorts. check
Simple flats. check
Chic backpack for water and all important sweat rag. check
(the backpack i'm really pining after though, isn't it fabulous?!)

And for miss Tate, I think she'd think this was super cool...

Did you know that in the girls section of crewcuts online there is a section titled "borrowed from my brothers closet" that consists of EVERYTHING Tate deems cool these days. Stripes, button downs, tshirts of all kinds, pockets, shorts, tennis shoes, and plaid. Wow, she would die and go to shopping heaven!

All found at jcrew, and crewcuts.


  1. JCrew always comes through. I'm crazy about that backpack, too. So fab and functional. And, I could totally see Tate sporting that "borrowed from my brother's closet" outfit. Love and miss her - and you. xoxo

  2. i love that backpack. maybe the hubs will buy for me?

  3. I think you've found your "fashion fix" for Tate's love for cross dressing:) If it comes from JCrew, it as to be fabulous, right?? She was just ahead of the fashion curve, as she should be, being your daughter!! Again, this is lazy to sign out and write another comment:)

  4. oh that Jessica David and her 3am ramblings! As for you, like I said, Tate is in some good company - just bought another Paul Frank T at Target, in the boys section no less! Crew cuts is the bomb though, such smart clothes.


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