posted on: 5.28.2010

Tate is not always this peaceful.

Take this morning for instance. It's barely light out, 6am about, and she's up and ready for us to entertain her. She stands up in her crib, and starts calling over to Wyatt to get up with her (she knows there's no hope in trying to arouse me that early).
She starts with her usual, "daddy, I'm awake", and after a couple unsuccessful tries she gets real clever.
So clever in fact, what she was saying aroused me from my dream, laughing!

"daddy, I know you miss me... I know you want me... here I am, I'm right here."
"come on daddy, I know you miss me".

Now she knows how to get us both up, and smiling even at 6am.


  1. OH this is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! It's been so long Chelsea! How are you guys?? It was fun to hear about all your adventures from Liz. You guys look great.

  2. that is PRECIOUS! i love it. she really is very clever.

  3. At least if she wakes you up at 6:00 am, she makes you laugh doing it:) You might as well give up...there's no resisting that girl:)

  4. So sweet! I love sleeping pictures. She's certainly figuring things out early in life!

  5. that is so cute- I don't even know what to do! :) she makes me so happy.

  6. The best thing I've ever heard. I hope my kids are half as cool.

  7. I love that you blog these things! You will always be grateful to have kept a record of such adorable things! I am inspired!! - kris

  8. I can't stop looking at this post. She is beautiful! She and Johnny will make a really perfect couple in a few years.

  9. Hey Chels! Can I just say how darling your family is! I love looking at your guy's adventures! Sorry i am just getting back to you. So we are moving for my husband's work. He works for a company called Miche Bag and he is starting it down there. So kinda crazy! Good to hear from you though....take care

  10. So precious! Tate is one of the cutest names on earth. Wish I had a cute little one waking me up at 6am. Our pug comes close : )

    XX Katie


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