Celebrating Mothers

posted on: 5.09.2010

I love Mother's Day. I love that it's in spring too, it just seems fitting.
This day I have much to be thankful for. For my own mother, who has been the perfect example of the kind of mother I need to be, really. For my beautiful mother in law, who gives of her talents and time every. single. day to others who desperately need her.
And for my own sweet Tate, who makes me cheerful every day. And like I tell her every night, I'm so SO happy I get to be her mom.

I feel so lucky.


  1. yay! I love this post- it has inspired me to do something similar on my blog :) thanks and I love the mother that YOU are.

  2. could this be any sweeter? happy mothers day!

  3. Thank you for the loving words!! If your mothering skills reflect anything that I taught you, then I did do an amazing job:) You are a wonderful mom!

  4. Thanks for the nice post. We are so happy that Tate has such a fabulous mom and Wyatt a wife who brings him so much happiness!!


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