posted on: 5.04.2010

Oh Barbados, we miss you dearly already. How could we not with that perfect pristine white beach to soak up the sun, and pina colada's at the wave of a hand?
You hold the top spot for me as far as beaches are concerned.

Vacations, or "holidays" as they call them, are the best thing ever invented I've decided. 
This holiday was the perfect end to our time apart, and the perfect way to celebrate 1 year of school successfully completed. 
We met at the Barbados airport, were greeted with lovely smells of warm flowery wind, and 15 minutes later were soaking up the sun at the charming Crane Resort.

(I survived, barely, the two day flight alone with my 3 year old- thanks mostly to a nice and honest man who, during our layover in dallas, returned my wallet full of cash to me after finding it on the bathroom counter- oh brother chelsea:)

In fact, we loved the resort so much, we actually only left once!
So judge us for not desiring to take part in the culture, but to only be pampered and completely self indulgent... we get enough Caribbean culture at home:)

We did a lot of this...

and this...

and once our toes hit that white powdery sand, we never wanted to leave.

Okay, so Wyatt did do at least one active thing while we were there:) 
He was complaining that he felt lethargic from all the time spent laying around in the sun.
That's exactly what taking a holiday is about, no?
I quickly reassured him that laying on our behinds for 5 days at the beach, taking mid day naps, and eating too much, was completely deserved and expected.

and so we went on, laying about.

Tate thought "Bados" was really really really pretty, and loved her fruit punch smoothie she drank every day at the pool.

See those two lounge chairs to the right of the statue?
Yup, that was our patio... so dreamy.

Wyatt and I do have one regret from the trip and that was not making the stay, actually not being able to make the stay, longer. We did what we could on our student budget, but once we get our money tree in the backyard we'll be returning and staying for no less than 2 weeks:)

And you are more than welcome to join us!


  1. Thank you. I accept the invitation.

    This is seriously even more beautiful and amazing than I thought it would be. Simply dreamy. I'm like you and think vacations are all about food and lounging - so yours looks perfectly divine to me.

    Too bad such lovely things have an ending. Boo.


  2. Are you serious? That beach looks in Rachel Zoe voice)and I am beyond jealous! Happy for you, but jealous nonetheless:) Beautiful pics, beautiful family, and seriously native feet! By the way, this is your loving mother,just FYI:)

  3. So so jealous. What a fun little getaway. Take me next time!

  4. perfect...we would be happy to meet you there. are you kidding, that seriuosly looks like the perfect spot! im dying over all of it!

  5. What a beautiful place! A gorgeous way to spend your holiday - I hope you can return there soon!

  6. kay serioulsy. could it be any more beautiful!? i'm in love with that place. first of all, where do you get a money tree and send one our way so that we can join you next time! and secondly, you three look like you could be locals with your beautifully bronzed skin. i just love this family of yours! every last one of you!!

  7. so, so jealous of you Chels. And you are definitely looking milf-y these days, just sayin'.

  8. Oh my goodness, how cute are the three of you!? So glad you enjoyed yourself...I'm dying of envy over here. Have always wanted to visit Barbados!

    XX katie

  9. What a fun vacation. I can't get over how beautiful it is. That is my kind of getaway. Glad you had a good time. Chels - I can't get over how dark you are - I love your olive skin!!

  10. bananas!!!!!

    i want to go there next time too.

  11. lucky duck. that's all I have to say :)

  12. So jealous..and literally produced the cutest pictures. I'm so happy you guys had such a good time!

  13. Looks completely dreamy! You guys definitely deserved some down time. We'll go with you next time. ;)

  14. Oh it's beautiful! When we get our money tree in our backyard we would love to come for 2 weeks too!:) So happy for you guys and this trip was much deserved. I hope all is well back in Dominica. Cute, dreamy pictures by the way.

  15. wow, that looks amazing. and your daughter is sooo beautiful.

    happy mother's day!

  16. Now I think I need to move there too :) I am serious :)


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