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posted on: 5.05.2010

Don't you just love finding new, great blogs?
Blogs that have you laughing, dreaming, and drooling all on the same page?
Well, I do, and last week I happen to stumble upon not just one, but two!

They were both so kind to leave a comment on my blog, and I'm so happy I had the chance to click over and get to know them... I really like them.

The first is the adorable blog E TELLS TALES. She's Elizabeth, a Domino reading, chocolate consuming, diary writing, stationery and Anthropologie lover, like myself. It was meant to be.
Her posts are charming and often completely hilarious- she's a wonderfully witty writer.

Oh, and if you don't like her enough already, she also sews. Like, really sews. She happens to make these perfect pillows. I'm deciding between the yellow bow, or ticking stripe bow? 
Anyhow, just thought you might like to make her blog a daily stop.
Here it is
Here's her adorable shop in case you can't wait any longer for a pillow:)

The other must read, is Katie Armour's the neo-traditionalist (don't you love the title?)
Just the design alone of her blog had me at hello. It's beautiful.
She posts about what inspires her mostly in the design and fashion world and seems to have impeccable taste. Proven, in fact by her spot on etsy shop of vintage finds- this is seriously a gold mine for book shelf odds and ends.
 Read her manifesto (now) and I promise it'll be hard not to like her.
Now this is exactly why I love blogging.

Just thought you might like to know:)


  1. just wanted to say that those pillows are adorable.
    hope you check out my blog!

  2. Wow. Those pillows are amazing. Thanks for sharing both blogs. Can't wait to dive in. If it's a recommendation from you, I know I'll love it.

  3. I'm flattered to be up there with Katie...she's amazing, and now I feel amazing too :)

  4. the big boy bike is really making me feel like he is old...i don't handle it very well. however, he loves it! it is a skuut bike. you can google it. we/he have loved it. he has only had it for a couple weeks and could probably be on a two wheeler already. he thinks it is so cool that he can balance. the box is actually pretty small if someone in your family wants to send one to Tate! (wink wink)

  5. I love ruffles and I love those pillows. I have had my eye on one very similar for over a year now. I just need London to have her own room to make super girly!

  6. Elizabeth is so ridiculous---I'm honored to have been included in the same post as HER! Thank you so much for writing about us both---you're such a sweetheart! XXX katie

  7. LOVE katie and E's blogs! so lovely to see them basking in blogland love :)

  8. YES...I couldn't agree more. I love both of those blogs, they're just wonderful!!


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