Tatertot on Etsy!

posted on: 4.12.2010

It only took 2 years, but tatertot is finally on Etsy!!

Click HERE to see.

I'm really really excited about this, and am hoping this will make it easier for everyone to get the clips they want, when they want them! 

This spring I made a lot of new styles that I think you'll really like, so click on over and let me know what you think (just lie if you don't dig them:). 

Because of the tricky situation with me living in the Caribbean, clips will only be available until supplies last. Right now there are 2-3 of each clip. Once those are sold, new clips won't be available until I come into town again this August.
So NOW is the time to get them, if you've been waiting.

Of course if you have any special requests feel free to contact me through the site, and I'll do my best to fulfill your wishes:) 

My logo was done by qa designs, and I could not be happier. Don't you love it? You would be right to guess I'm not an easy customer... I had my ideas of what I wanted and I wanted it to be perfect.
Jenna completley came through- I think it resembles my style perfectly.



  1. YAY! How fun! And I love your logo design. FAbulous!

  2. the logo is fabulous (as are the taters always). congrats girl.

  3. horray...congrats!! love it

  4. I was really wondering how you did the logo. So cute. You always know where to find things and get them done. I think it turned out perfect! I am so so excited to get my little taters in the mail! Yippy!!

  5. Love the design, it's super simple but oh so chic. I'm beyond excited that I saw you when I did, so I'm taking it as fate. I will be up thursday and friday for sure - any plans?

  6. 1 & 2 is so, so proud of YOU!

    I'm sorry for rhyming (ha ha) it just went so well together.

  7. these clips are absolutely DARLING! totally unique and i love that... i see you indulge in anthropologie :) totally one of my favs too. and seriously, tatertots are VERY anthro! my sister and i are both having little girls in august, talk about the perfect gifts! can't wait to make my order...


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