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posted on: 4.06.2010

My super cool little sister just opened up her very own Etsy site

She's starting out small with a couple of free hand paintings she's done for me, like the neat painted silhouette and modern pair print above, but you just wait... her brain is going a million miles an hour with new ideas for her shop, and they're going to be good.

You can order your own personalized hand painted silhouette in any color your little heart desires!
Same goes for the pear print- which I think would be adorable in a kitchen.

She's also the one who made this adorable custom name ABC painting for Tate that so many of you asked me about. Now you can get one too... in any color combo you'd like!

It's been a fun pop of color in our Dominica house, but also has helped Tate a lot in learning the letters of her name and the ABC'S.

Click here to go to her shop!


  1. Yeah Brooke! I am so happy she did this. She is so cute and so super talented. I think I am going to have to get some silhouettes of my kiddos for Fathers Day!

  2. honestly could she be more talented? i'm a bit jealous of her creativity and so happy she opened up a store! already added to my favorites. well done brooke!

  3. Oh, I love it! We just moved our whole apartment around (we moved our bed into the family room, kids beds into ours, and made our other room an office/laundry/craft/study/etc/etc/etc room) so I'm excited to re-do their room. I think I might have to order that ABC canvas. DARLING!!!

  4. How darling! These would make great gifts. I'll totally keep her in mind!

    Your clothes were stolen? What?! How?! Where were they being stored? Seriously, that even makes me sad!

    And ps...How long are you in slc?

  5. Very impressive Brooke, even more impressive to those of us born without the creative gene. What an enterprising little family you have. Hope it goes well for you.

  6. I LOVE this!! I'll definitely be purchasing things. Brooke is so talented, I envy her.


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