Making me happy monday

posted on: 4.19.2010

warm spring weather, bringing more days at the park

days until Maddie and Heather come into town!!
(maddie, i will be there with balloons:)

finishing season 1 of this glorious show

just for the record.... I'm in love with her wardrobe

and he is by far my favorite character

.... back to what's making me happy besides  Glee

a new pair of Toms

one week until I see Wy!!

washing Tate's converse and having them smell less like a dumpster

have a wonderful monday!


  1. Been trying to decide which toms I'm going to get for the past 2 weeks! Which did you choose?

    Ps...yes, LOVE Emma!

  2. Hi Chelsea!! Iam such a Glee fan! We should watch it together sometime:)

  3. i clearly need to get into this show! i'm totally the same way, certain tv shows make me happy. that's kind of sad, but true :)

  4. The "E" in Emma stands for "Exophthalmos". Look it up.

  5. Wyatt- oh my, that is so rude! I love Emma... even if her eyeballs do pop out of her sockets;)

  6. oh my gosh i love glee and i love her outfits too. don't you love how everyone is constantly wearing all forms of bows? it makes me so happy. okay so quick question - are you still planning on staying here on the 25th? i keep forgetting to tell you this but it will be perfect carwise too - matt was going to leave a car at the airport for his quick trip the 24th-26th so you can just take the car when you get here and repark it when you leave on the 26th... anyway. we can talk more about this later.

    also, where did you get your ladder bookcase thing? i want to get one of those and can't decide where to order it from.

    man this should have just been an email. oh well.

    see you soon!


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