making me happy monday

posted on: 4.05.2010

this printable quote, which is my ALL TIME favorite line from any movie, found via Mixed Plate.

finding mini boden at nordstrom... did you know?

purchasing these bowls at Alice Lane over the weekend. i had no idea i could be so in love with a piece of dishware.

no work for my little sister all week, which means plenty of play time.

a starbucks worker giving me a generous and sweet compliment that completely made my day, regardless of the fact that it was totally overstated.

a full week ahead that will hopefully bring lunches with friends, outings with tate, movies and delicious, very missed, food!

delicious green smoothies every morning.
(I follow this recipe- thanks Katie:)

my super studly nephew, lucca, all gussied up for easter!

happy monday!


  1. those bowls are my fav! did you buy the set? the very first time i went in i asked about just buying one but decided i couldn't afford it (i was feeling very poor that day)... but now that i'm working more... ahhh! i need to call them. all these things just made me happy too. i look forward to these lists every week :)

  2. yes, i just bought the set. i couldn't resist- they are too pretty!

  3. Lucca is the man. He's rockin' the Kurt Cobain Seattle shag. I love it. As for your toxic waste breakfast smoothy, not so much.

  4. Lucca is a STUD. Do you think Heather will mail me Lucca's Easter outfit for Bex to borrow? I'm sure they're the same size... ha ha ha.

    I bought all the ingredients for your GREEN smoothie. I've already informed Jo that we will be having delicious green smoothies for breakfast in the morning. I can't wait... looks YUMMY. Too bad I didn't know about this recipe for St. Patty's day!! =)

    Glad you're enjoying good ole' SLC!

  5. your blog is adorable.
    i love it.
    so colorful.
    i stumbled upon it by hitting 'next blog'.
    so cute.
    can't wait to read more.

  6. Lucca is so cute!!! I"m so jealous of your upcoming vacation! So do you really like that smoothie? I've been hesitiating to try it, but my mother in law eats one everyday.

  7. now i'm scrolling through your blog over and over and just loving it. and i most definitely did not know that mini boden is at nordstroms!

    you live in the caribbean? that is a dream.


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