the best way to wake up

posted on: 4.07.2010

is having this sweet little girl tell you 
"mom, i'm so glad you're my mama"

today will be a great day.


  1. Not bad. I woke up to low water pressure and no clean underwear. You definitely win. When she's not punching other children or doing one of those epilepsy tantrums with the devil voice, she is so pleasant. Miss you guys

  2. that is so sweet...have a wonderful day!

  3. I was so happy to bump into you the other day! What a fun surprise :) And love that you love the smoothie too, I need to send you some more recipes to try. Tate is adorable as always. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Your husband's comments make me laugh every time. You guys are great.

  5. so sweet and this might be my favorite pic of you two! :) xo

  6. That's really sweet!!!!!! :D

  7. Hi Chelsea-you probably don't remember me, but I graduated a year ahead of you from Skyline. I found your blog from Marie Sonnenberg's blog as she is one of my best friend's little sister. Anyway, I have found myself to be quite the blog stalker with just your blog because I have loved reading about your cute little girl who is close to my twins age, your fabulous design and clothing tips, and your adventures out of the country. I just thought I should let you know you have such a cute family and I am dying to order some clips for my daughter now that you are in town. I will email you as soon as I have her spring wardrobe complete so I can choose some great clips.
    Hope your not too freaked out!
    -Alysha Curtis Nielson (

  8. holy look alikes!!!! she looks so much like you in that sweet picture... great to see you the other night... have so much fun!!!!!


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