Baseball + Balanchine

posted on: 4.20.2010

This weekend was the perfect balance.
A little class, and a little grass.

  Balanchine by Ballet West, followed by a date night with Brooke and Tate at the Bees game!

Baseball games really are one of the best ways to spend a summer night. It was a beautiful night for the season opener, but we realized quickly how underdressed we were for the occasion? What. Without being a total brat, let me just say it's a good thing I'm not single anymore. There is no way I could keep up with the younger (hotter) 20 somethings and their getups. Wow. 

Tate was completley enamored by her icee, and the boy sitting next to us who had a "cool" button up shirt on.

We sure missed Wyatt though!

The Ballet is always a wonderful way to spend the evening, and even better when it's with 5 of the Horsley gals. 

Pre Ballet we tried the Copper Onion (a new Slc restaurant), and minus the miniature extra snooty waiter, we loved it. The food is wonderful- I would order the Carbonara followed by the Chocolate Torte.... it's completely orgasmic.

***Last day to order Tatertots until August is tomorrow, Wednesday April 21st***


  1. love bees games. we definitely need to hit one up next time you guys are in town as a family. taters and her "cool" obsession. still makes me laugh. that picture of us in front of the copper onion is hideous! :) seriously how lame was our waiter!? i still tell people about him. what a snot.

  2. i love baseball games! i might make matt go to one with me before he leaves. the ballet was also a dreamy evening...and don't forget we all survived an earthquake together. a very eventful night.

  3. sorry, truly retarded. of course "non" was me.

  4. orgasmic? is there something you need to tell me?

  5. Oh I just love that TATE!!! And you! London keeps talking about Tate's glittery shoes.

  6. what a fun day and night...and totally agree. these gals get all dolled up these days, dont they? im such a mom..but im comfy!


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