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posted on: 4.23.2010

I was going to post an interview I had with my 3 year old the other day, but instead I can't get this off my mind...

Wyatt finished his first year of medical school!!!
We skyped this afternoon, unusually long, and talked about what a great feeling it was to be moving forward. He feels relief, satisfaction, accomplishment, and much sleep deprivation. I feel completely overwhelmed by pride and happiness.
I could not be more proud of Wyatt. I have always stood by the belief that people need to do what they love. I really believe that's most important, even if that means you'll have to work extra extra hard to get there. For Wyatt it meant being 25, having graduated in economics, and realizing he'd have to go back to school to complete his mandatory science credits. It meant he'd have to watch friends get good jobs, while he resurrected his old jansport again.
It meant he'd have to start a new, science related job, at the very bottom of the totem pole, just as we were about to grow by 1.
It meant studying all night every night, taking the mcat twice, applying for two years, and being rejected for 2 years (damn that U of U).
Then it meant uprooting his entire life, leaving the USA, and moving to a 3rd world country.

All in the hopes, that one day, at least 7 years from now, he'll become a doctor.
He's on his way. He stuck with his dream, and he's making it happen!
People often ask me if I am upset it took so long to get here, or if I ever discouraged him from taking this path.
The truth is no. Not at all. I would be fearful if we were on another path, because I would know it wasn't what he really wanted to do.

And there is nothing that makes me happier than to see Wyatt well on his way to doing what he loves. I am so proud that he is brave enough to take this on, and just make it happen, regardless of the circumstances.

Wy, I adore you, and could not be more proud!!


  1. oh congratulations! amen about choosing the career they love. you are such a loving, supporting wife, hope wyatt knows how lucky he is! it's never easy taking the long road, but you guys seem to do it the right way.

    ps your tatertot clips are adorable, love the little clouds! now if only i could get a little girl in my house so i could adorn her with such lovely things :)

  2. I just did my make-up and now I have tears running down my freshly powdered face... ha ha ha... this is SO SWEET and so WELL said... so heart felt. We are SO PROUD of you too Wy!! You're AWESOME! Keep going strong... nothing is more impressive than having a dream and MAKING it happen! We love you!

  3. You couldn't have put it more perfectly. Yay for one year under your belts! xoxoxo

  4. Congrats on being done with the first year!! I'm so proud of Wy, and I'm so grateful that you're so supportive of him. This is so exciting. Now go celebrate!

  5. What an accomplishment!! It's all down hill from here right. :) You are so great with words Chels. Wyatt is so lucky to have you b/c it takes both of you to get through those medical years. Pat on the back for you too woman! And Wyatt... every time I see your comments I crack up... maybe you should be a comedian on the side to pull in a little extra money. I mean you are pretty dang funny!
    Congrats again... to both of you! Can't wait to hear all about your celebration trip!

    p.s. wish I could have seen you at Megs!

  6. We could not be more proud!! Congrats to both of you...for following your dream and for making the journey worthwhile!!Love to both of you! Now go enjoy some well deserved fam time in Barbados:)

  7. Yeah for one year down!! Isn't it the best feeling in the world!! Congratulations to both of you!

    Going forward if you two have any questions about the usmle boards during 2nd year.. ask away!!

    Have fun on vacation!!

  8. Congratulations to the both of you. Love love love the post and Wy it's all so true. Chels props to you for being an incredible wife and mom through the first year as well. I am so excited to see pics from your fun trip on Barbados. Have so much fun!
    PS I still want to hear sweet Tate's interview!

  9. Ahh..Congrats Wyatt! And Chels what a cute little wife you are, he is so lucky to have you!! Have a blast on your vacation! we'll miss you...see you in August:)

  10. Ahhh- this brought tears to my eyes. Well said Chelsea. We are so glad that Wyatt has you in his life to support him on the journey down this loooong rode (don't worry- it really does eventually end.) And Wy- we are so proud of you too!!! I can't believe that in 3 years we'll be able to call you "doctor." Congrats on one year down!

  11. Thanks for the post babe, just another reminder that going into medicine was the second best choice I've ever made in my life. Love you

  12. I loved that post, it was inspiring. Congrats to Wyatt (and you!) for one year down. What a great experience and journey you have ahead for your family, very exciting!

  13. i can relate to this post so well. you said it perfectly!

  14. beautifully said chels. i couldn't be more proud as well! congrats bro. you make us all so proud back home! so glad you have a wonderfully supportive wife. you two are the best! love you.

  15. I'd like to think that behind every amazing man, there is an amazing woman. You guys are going to great things together - love that he's well on his way. Never met him, but I'm pretty proud too Chels.

  16. Fabulous story! Way to go Wyatt with sticking with your dreams! And Chels your an amazing writer I must say!

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  18. Love this post, it makes me realize that I need to be more supportive of my hubby's dreams even when it is a sacrafice! Way to go to the both of you, Wyatt for his one year and you and Tate for surviving in the 3rd world country with style!

  19. Congrats to Wyatt!!! What a wonderful story. My fiance is 28 and just graduating from his undergrad (long story...). In the fall he's starting law school which will put him "behind" even further on the job track, but I couldn't be prouder. You have to do what you love!

    XX katie

  20. YAY!! Congrats to the two of you!! One year down. WOW - I can't believe it! Have a fun trip - can't wait to see pictures.

  21. what a darling wife you are. i feel so inspired by you. thanks for that. wyatt, congrats...we need more docs in az so head down, chelsea loves loves the heat!:0


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