two twenty nine, am

posted on: 3.12.2010

it's 2:29 am.
i can't sleep.
i was in bed, and layed there for 2 hours.
until i came out here to have a graham cracker and browse the computer.
in hopes it would tire me out.
so far, no such luck.
i don't know what's wrong with my brain.
it can't seem to shut itself off.
even after i tickled my own arm- twice.
stupid brain.

why at 2:29am, am i thinking about new styles of hairclips to make.
or what we'll do, each day, every second, when my parents get here.
or if i should color my hair darker when i get back to the states.
why does it matter now to decide whether or not i'll do the blog challenge of 30 outfits for 30 days.
or how much i hate how our cleaning lady makes our bed and pulls the sheets all the way to the top.
or if i should buy a gateway childrens museum pass when i get to utah.
why am i worrying about what my daily schedule will be like when i get there.
or making a mental list of the 50 zillion movies i want to catch up on.
why at 2:29 am, am i deciding if i could needlepoint my own drum shade for a house i don't have.
or if i really would want an entire child's room full of jonathan adler. would that be too bright.
or if i want to buy a new rocker for my child's nursery who isn't even conceived yet.
and how much my beautiful, in perfect condition, rocker might sell for on craigslist.
why now am i thinking about how good a graham cracker and glass of water sound.
or what new colors of thread i want.
maybe i should just have my uncle tim turn my eames chair into a rocker... for the child i don't have yet.
why does it matter now at 2:29am if i'll go to the pool tomorrow and lay out, instead of going to the gym.
or where i'll put my sisters cat lucy when i'm making hairclips at my parents in utah.
why does it matter at 2:29am what art project i will suggest for tate tomorrow- felt or shells.
why now am i thinking about how much i like clean stream lined furniture and gray couches.
but how that couch would need to be balanced out with softer looking pillows- for my taste.
or if when at my parents should i sleep in the same room as tate, or my sisters old room.
or if i do go to the pool tomorrow, instead of the gym, would i get a headache from the sun.
not if i went early enough. all though, then they may be cleaning it.
maybe i should just go to the gym.
or i could swim laps at the pool, then i'd be getting some sun and working out.
although there's still the issue of them possibly cleaning it.

who cares about that at 2:29 in the morning.

apparently i do.
maybe this is my brain's way of getting back at me for trying to live in the moment so much lately and therefor, kind of shutting these silly thoughts off during the day?
does my brain want payback?
if so, that's rude.


  1. hope your brain shut off and you got some sleep!!! that happens to me ALL THE TIME...AHHHHH!!!

  2. Alas, I can only answer two of those questions for you, and you probably don't care now that it's daylight:) Anyway, Lucy can go outside while you do your clips..she loves it! And there is no longer a bed in your sister's old room, so unless you want to camp out on the floor(totally not your style) or sleep in the basment by yourself (horrors!) you will be sleeping with Taters! I wish I thought this would help tonight at 2:29 am but I know how it'll just have another list of neverending questions!Oh, and this is Mom, I forgot to sign out of Dad's :)

  3. I totally do the same thing. Especially how you are going to decorate your future home or nursery. I already have my colors picked out and even have bought a few things. The funny thing is, we are not having a another baby until we are in our own home...ha ha, that could be awhile. I love your random thoughts. When are you coming to Utah??

  4. I sooo get your pain. My brain does the same thing. I think it's because it's impossible to think through all those details while our littles are awake during the day. We're too distracted until the lights are off and all is quiet. And while you are thinking through all those decorating ideas...think up some cute ideas for me! (I trust your taste much more than mine!) And I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have a new home to decorate come summer...

  5. Ummm...can I just say you have the cutest blog entires...I love what you are inspired by and I wish I knew you better as we like many many of the same things and think many of the same thoughts! I KNOW, RIGHT...

    word - Kristy Cook

  6. I love that you took the time to write this at 2:29 a.m. Why is it that our minds get so out of control at night? I especially love your Mom's comment to put your mind at ease. :) Can't wait to see you so soon!



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